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Paula Sue Heim takes property management very personally. Many of the properties that she manages are owned by past clients so she knows the owners well.  Often times, the owners of these properties are military with PCS orders.  They know they want to return to Colorado Springs so she will work with them to maintain their home here.

Property Management Services

Paula Sue vet’s prospective tenants by checking their credit, past rental history, employment etc.  She completes the lease and collects one full month’s rent as a security deposit at the time of lease signing.  The security deposit is then held in a trust account.  The buyer is required to pay the first month’s rent when they pick up the keys. 

Paula Sue photographs the property before the tenant moves into the property and then again when the tenant moves out.  She provides the tenant with an exit document that outlines what is expected of the tenant when they move out. 

All properties are rented smoke and mmj free.  Growing marijuana is not allowed.  Tenants are required to sign a lease and sign the exit document so there is no question as to what is expected.  Rent is collected on the 1st of each month.  Paula Sue then deducts her property management fee and deposits the rent directly into the owners account or sends it via mail if that is their preference.

Paula Sue visits each rental property quarterly to ensure that covenants are being adhered to and the tenant is taking care of the property.  She has the furnace and air conditioner serviced on an annual basis and has the sprinklers turned on and blown out spring and fall.  She also coordinates any required repairs.  Property owners approve expenditures when problems arise, and Paula Sue takes care of everything else.  Each owner is provided with an annual report for  tax purposes. 

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